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 Sponsorship application

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PostSubject: Sponsorship application   Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:45 am

We do sponsor teams on gamebattles. This is the application.

Team Name: __________________

Leader Name: __________________

Leader Aim: __________________ (must have aim)

Gamertag: __________________

Leader's Gamertag: _____________________

Team Record: _____________________

How long have you been a team: ___________________

Why should we sponsor you: ___________________ (should be more than a sentence, close to a paragraph.)

How will you benefit our site: _________________

Link to team page: ________________

Copy and paste this application to a private message. Fill out all the fields and then send it to ME in a private message. You will get a response through email.

AIM: [B]ForeverR3D[/B]
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Sponsorship application
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